Hi, i'm Sheena

I have been interested in a holistic approach to health for many years. Following a personal health crisis 20 years ago. I began meditating and changing my lifestyle. I came to realise that using a combination of mindfulness and meditation techniques, and engaging in my own therapeutic process through counselling, along with lifestyle changes was very powerful in my own healing process.


With the help of mindfulness techniques for stress reduction and talking therapies, I was able to reduce and finally come off my medication. Through this experience I am lucky to have found my vocation to help others to find a better quality of life through improved physical and mental health. My work is my vocation and I am dedicated to helping others to get back on the road to recovery. My desire is to help you transform your life - your recovery starts here...


My Approach


The aim of my work is to improve your quality of life, to help you control of your own wellness, thereby reducing the need for further medical drugs and the associated side effects.


I enjoy working with teenagers and adults of all ages. Although my approach is holistic, I will work alongside conventional medical treatment to help facilitate your change


Please call me before booking an appointment 07941 094949 or

email: enquiries@srmindfulness.co.uk

About me